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Tracy Brenton

Trauma Therapist

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Address: 313 Walnut St. Suite 101 Wilmington 28401, North Carolina
Phone: 508-593-7526
Fax: 855-593-6252
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  • You are a victim of narcissistic abuse. You have found yourself researching topics like "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" or "Gaslighting" or "Narcissistic Supply". You knew there was a term for this because it matches your experience. You struggle because your abuser is not necessarily a bad person. It is perhaps someone you love, deeply. Or someone you feel obligated to love and have no idea how to maintain sanity in your life having them in your life. You know you need to break free and you have no idea how to. Or, you are dealing with trauma. You think you have PTSD and might be wondering if someone will validate your experience to say that you are. Your mind constantly races. You are having flashbacks, nightmares and intrusive thoughts. You may have been sexually abused when you were young and blew right past it because that is what was expected of you. To stay living in the silence. Or you were neglected by your caregivers. Maybe not even in an overt way. But you grew up feeling unloved, unwanted or unseen. Perhaps you are just looking for some kindness. Someone to pull you out of the mud, clean you up and help you to take the next step. You are in the right place.