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Rebecca Kushins


Serving clients in: Massachusetts, Washington

Address: PO Box 23, Grafton, Massachusetts, 01519, United States
Phone: (508) 827-8080
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  • You are not one to ask for help lightly. Yet these days you find yourself spinning, feeling groundless. Stress and anxiety have taken up residence in your mind and heart. You can’t shake them. You feel unsure of yourself. You’ve tried mindfulness, meditation, yoga, exercise and more. You are relieved for a time, until it all comes back, sometimes worse than before – is there something wrong with YOU? You are starting to doubt yourself, your capacity, your purpose. This doubt is affecting you in many ways: your daily life, your career, your relationships. You pride yourself on being an intelligent person, a strong individual, a committed worker, a loyal friend. Perhaps you identify as a member of the LBGTQ+ community. You aren’t sure where to turn, and you feel strange reaching out for support – are you even worth helping if you can’t help yourself?

    I can assure you: you are worth it. You’ve decided to seek out therapy because a deeply earnest part of you already knows the truth of this. You are worthy of clarity, calm, and confidence. You don’t yet know how to access it all, but a part of you knows that you are capable. You are ready to lead a mindful, insight-filled life – both inwardly and outwardly. You are ready to access that deep calm and compassion within yourself, no matter what difficulties you face every day.

    Let’s set up a FREE 20-minute consultation to confirm what you already know – you are ready for change, perhaps even hopeful (in an unsure way). Clients find me to be consistent, supportive, intuitive, patient and person-centered (providing care for each individual as an individual). I will always try to meet you where you are, in the dark moments and the joyful ones! I will meet you online for our secure video therapy sessions, making it easy to fit into your schedule. Call or email me to set up your first meeting.