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Rebecca Kushins


Serving clients in: Florida, Massachusetts, Washington

Address: PO Box 23, Grafton, Massachusetts, 01519, United States
Phone: (508) 827-8080
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    I have always been an explorer, traveling the world, adventuring in the wilderness, and pushing the limits of my understanding of the human mind and heart. I came to my professional identity fairly early, while traveling in the Himalayan mountains of India. I was there volunteering, and participating in a cultural immersion and exchange program. At the end of the program, we hosted a public party to welcome anyone who would be interested in learning about our activities - and much to my surprise, a tourist woman with whom I had one degree of separation showed up! We spoke in depth of my time there and of my future. I remember saying, "I want to be an emotional healer." She said, "you're a social worker", and offered me an internship upon my return home. The rest is history. These days, when I'm not providing therapy, you can find me in my garden, or spending time with my family and community.

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