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Randal Dixon

Licensed Professional Counselor

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    Are you tired of endlessly talking to your partner and yet things never change? Men and women are very different and that is the reason for most communication problems.  Both ways of looking at things are valid and if that is understood things get clearer and differences are so much easier to understand. This is not commonly recognized, even by therapists. It is politically correct to say that there are no differences between men and women. That is appropriate in the workplace but it is a roadblock in intimate relationships.

    It would be so nice to have the compatibility and love that was there before. That is the way you were meant to be and the reason for being together. Harmony makes problems so much easier to resolve. 


     Life transitions:Have you reach a point in your life where you are beginning to wonder if what you have always believed in is actually a sham. Are you afraid of leaving what is familiar and worried that if you take the leap there might not be a good place to land? Most of us who reach this point are trying to create a life that is authentic and reflects who we really are. We are guided and often pressured to go down a certain path and we are not asked if it reflects who we really are. 

     Life would be so much better if we could find a way to live authentically in a world filled with shallow cookie cutter worldviews. We could actually give our gift instead of following the conventional.  Genuinely living life would be so freeing.

     You have something unique to give and I can help you create your life so you can give it. Together we can explore depth and meaning.