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Paulette Grant, LCSW-R


Serving clients in: New York

Address: Brooklyn, New York, 11234, United States
Phone: (347) 645-8101
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  • Typical clients who receive my services are professionally successful, but privately miserable. Your colleagues believe you're smart, strong and confident, but what you really feel is depressed, anxious and lonely. When you leave work each day all your confidence and vitality seems to drain away and you become this other person; you dread going home. Everything in your social and personal life feels so overwhelming and filled with problems. How much of this rings true for you?

    Publicly pretending you're fine just keeps the problems circling around in your head with no solutions, but imagine if you could feel better, have clarity in your thinking, good sleep and energy through-out the day. Imagine living without chronic, draining depression or anxiety; imagine being able to experience and enjoy good relationships. Think about that for a minute. If you could have help to achieve these things, how would your life be better? What would your relationships be like? 

    I can help you to achieve these things. Choosing to work with me means that together we will engage in a process tailored to support you to discover your unique ways to resolve your emotional struggles. You will rediscover your curiosity and hope for a more fulfilling life and create relationships that reflect who they really are.