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New Perspective Christian Counseling, LLC


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  • There are times when life can be very difficult to manage, especially if you have been trying to do it all alone. Without proper support and guidance, it can become a daunting task. However difficult it may be, know that you do not have to bear any of this on your own. Taking the first step to reach out for help is huge, and I commend anyone who decides to make strides to better their lives.


    By working together I will be able to help you gain insight as well as healthy perspectives to assist you navigate through the past, and to help you gain a clearer path for your present and future. It is my goal to help you work through some of the hard issues you have been facing, in a safe and nonjudgmental space, to enable you to release the heavy weights you have been carrying.


    It will be an honor for me to support you if you are ready to move forward. I offer teletherapy as well as free 20 minute phone consultations to assess your needs and goals. Please feel free to contact me soon so we can discuss possibly working together.