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Misty Williams

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Serving clients in: Florida, Virginia

  • Have you ever experienced a time in life when you found yourself getting upset about something little? I mean, like really silly on the surface?

    I often tell a story in therapy about mustard. Yes, mustard. If mustard isn’t your thing, replace it with something that is. There’s a point to it. Promise. Have you ever had a day when you walked into the kitchen and someone left mustard sitting out on the counter? You begin to yell and say mean things to that person. I mean, come on! It isn’t that difficult to put the mustard back into the refrigerator, is it? Meanwhile you engage in more hurtful words because someone just couldn’t put the mustard away and now you’ll have to purchase a new one. Whoa! Where did all this anger and hurtfulness come from? Are we really that upset that someone didn’t put away mustard with a replacement value of $1? The likely answer is “no." So why the freak out about the mustard then? Great question!

    You know, it’s hard to tell people how we feel - like how we REALLY feel. Maybe the person who left the mustard out is our spouse that we feel has been distant or maybe it is our teenage daughter who brought home her 3rd detention this quarter. It’s quite possible that we are struggling with how to communicate accurately with our loved ones. The problem is that all these negative feelings continue to build up until…well…until they explode on something trivial, like mustard. 

    Taking the first steps to a better version of YOU can seem overwhelming. There can be so much stress associated with finding a therapist in addition to: scheduling time off from work, driving to therapy, getting stuck in traffic, sitting in a waiting room with other people – everything! This is why my therapy practice is 100% online. You save time and have the ability to participate in therapy from the comfort of your own space. That’s right, you can even participate in an online session from your car! Or maybe your bedroom? Your office? You get to choose!

    How’s that for starting therapy off right? YOU get to choose your comfortable space. Imagine being able to talk freely to your therapist while you have your dog sitting right next to you? Isn’t it awesome the way technology has opened this door for you?! Now is the time to re-imagine therapy and what it looks like for you and your future.