Krystal Smith Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker Alabama iTherapy Provider

Krystal Smith, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Serving clients in: Alabama, Florida


    You and your partner used to be so close but now you feel lonely sitting next to them. You don't spend time together and you feel like roommates. You're always trying to guess what's on their mind and you wish they would tell you. When you talk, you feel like they don't understand and you wonder if they really hear you. Small things cause a fight and you seem to argue about the same things over and over. You try to talk it out but are left feeling like it didn't get anywhere. You wonder what has happened to the person you fell in love with. When did things change? You fear your relationship is failing.  

    You want to feel heard and understood in your relationship. You want your partner to see you and value you. You want to laugh and enjoy one another again. You're ready to take steps to feel closer to your partner emotionally, physically, and sexually. I can help you get there by promoting acceptance and change for a deeper connection. You can be close again. 

    With the ability to see you and your partner from the comfort of your own home in my exclusively online practice, going to therapy is easier than ever before. Call me to schedule your free, no obligation 20-minute consultation today.