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Serving clients in: Colorado, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

Address: United States
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  • Often men find it difficult to identify their emotions or are unable to translate their emotional experiences into words. I can teach you to learn behaviors and skills to allow you to better express emotions such as vulnerability, intimacy struggles, and perceived weakness. It is very important to most men to feel they are respected and appreciated. Men need a safe place to express their feelings of hurt and vulnerability. These are valid and important male feelings. Men can enhance their well being by learning to identify those feelings, express them appropriately, and be respected for them.

    Some reasons men come to therapy include; anger, stress, relationship issues, trauma, Intimacy Issues (ED), substance abuse and addiction, defining masculinity in today's culture, health issues, self care, expressing and identifying emotions.

    There is NOTHING wrong with not having the tools to express yourself. That is why you are here looking for support. The hardest part of seeking support is making that first phone call or email. I have often had clients tell me... "I should have done this a long time ago! " Talking does help!

    Jill Case Board Certified TeleMental Health