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  • Everyone thinks you are perfect and on the outside it looks like you have it all together. On the inside, you feel like a mess and you're struggling to get through the day. While others sing your praises, your inner critic tells you that you are an imposter and you aren't good enough. You’re exhausted but you’re afraid to slow down. You know you can't keep going like this and that its time for a change. 


    Together, we can make your dream life a daily reality. You want to relax with your friends, family, and your pets. You want to be able to turn your brain off and enjoy a good book. You want to love yourself, like you love others. You are ready to feel the confidence and ease that everyone else sees.


    With weekend availability and telehealth, starting therapy is easier than ever before. Instead of the dreaded phone call, you can visit my website (  or email me at to schedule your free, no-obligation 20-minute phone or video consultation today.