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Jason Beers, Psy. D., L.P

Licensed Psychologist

Serving clients in: Michigan

iTherapy Featured Counselor

Address: Michigan, USA
Email: jasonbeerspsyd@gmail.com
Phone: (630) 313-2575
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  • My role as a therapist is to provide the least amount of advice as possible. Yes, there are times when I provide education here and there on what scientific research has demonstrated regarding psychology, but thats not what I mean about “advice.” If I were to give advice, I would be prescribing where each client should go in life, even down to directive questions such as “don’t you think its a good idea to do this?” Counseling and direction are ok, but that is not my preference. What is far more healing and effective, in my opinion, is to listen closely to how each client is consciously and subconsciously directing the therapeutic path, as each individual truly does seem to know how to get to their healing—often without full awareness but with nonetheless loads of symbolism and hints through speech, body language, dreams, and the like. We both work together at discovering the path, but it is always up to the client, ultimately to reveal and direct.

    For many of us, talking about our struggles can be stressful or confusing. I work hard to help each individual feel heard and understood, leaving judgment and typicality aside. We find what is true to your unique experience, and it is always you that deserves the greatest credit.