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Jan Kwiatkowski, LMFT


Serving clients in: Wisconsin

Address: Wisconsin, United States
Email: jan@therapysecure.com
Phone: (414) 485-0700
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  • Anyone can feel overwhelmed, anxious, irritable, or angry and wonder why they made a certain decision like having a child, changing or staying in a relationship or job. Life may have presented an unexpected or unwanted changes like a spouse suddenly leaving, a job or other loss, or a chronic of terminal medical diagnosis. You might be questioning your place in the world, and the choices you’ve made or want to make…wondering who am I and am I good enough.

    The constant questioning, self-doubt, sadness, and anxiety can wear you down and interfere with enjoying your life or become so debilitating that you can't take the steps you want to take. A sense of peace, competence, and confidence in your ability to handle whatever life throws at you is possible. The answers are within and I know you can find them.

    As a therapist and chaplain, should clients desire, I welcome and have the ability to integrate the languages of therapy and spirituality into the clients' healing process.

    For your FREE 20-minute secure video session to discuss how we might work together to find pro-active solutions to those things weighing on you the most, contact me at (414) 485-0700 or email jan@therapysecure.com .