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Jamie Panizza-Kimball, M.Ed LPC

Serving clients in: Texas

Address: , Texas United States
Email: jamie@transcendgs.com
Phone: (866) 748-2305
Fax: (866) 748-2534
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  • Does it feel like you are stuck? Are you sick and tired of feeling confused, lonely, worthless, lost, broken? Is it hard to even get out of bed since your loss? Does transitioning to the next phase in life seem out of reach?

    How determined are you to find love again? How desperate are you for a solution to feel the same way you once did?

    If you are reading this then now is the time to take a new journey for yourself. You are ready to dive deep within to determine your self-worth.

    You can heal from your grief/loss/divorce/breakup!

    You can feel great about waking up ready to concur every day with self-worth. You can embrace the journey of transcendence into a better version of yourself. All Transitions in life have various perspectives from child to adult, student to professional, friend to spouse, parent to empty-nester.

    I can guide you to using life-long tools in transcending to a more personal powerhouse for yourself (and others). I have twenty years of experience in the mental health field. Together, let’s create freedom from the past, bring joy into the soul and have adventures in life.

    I can guide you on a personal journey to growth.

    I make therapy convenient and easy to fit into your busy life. I offer features such as free video consultation to all potential clients and 24/7 online scheduling on the client portal.

    If you don’t already know I am the best for you, schedule your free consultation. The use of result-based eclectic modalities with individual, couples, families, corporate professionals, adult students, and seniors has provided me with success. In our free consultation you’ll get a sense of what I’m like and together we can decide if we’ll be a good fit to work together as I’ve worked with so many others.

    During my career, my clients appreciate my no-nonsense and down-to-earth approach. They recognize the guidance I offer during the transitional times in their lives. I specialize in life transitions: career change, young adulthood, parenting transition. I love helping others heal in freedom from the past to bring joy within the soul to experience adventures in life.

    Let’s get started today! Just schedule your free initial consultation.