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Dr. Shelley Marfori

Dr. Shelley Marfori, Psy.D Psych Associate

Serving clients in: Washington, DC

Address: 20009, Washington, D.C. United States
Phone: (833) 892-119
Fax: (833) 892-1199
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  • I believe that connection and a sense of belonging is one of the most important things that people can have in life. Together, we will make space where you can speak openly and honestly about the struggles that bring you to seek help and assistance. Bad things happen to most people, but the ability to overcome these hardships is a remarkable thing. I can’t think of another job that would be more meaningful and worthwhile where I get to be part of that growth.


    Through therapy, my hope is that you’ll learn a new style of relating to others and can heal wounds that you might not have known even existed. Together we’ll face moments of pain and celebrate times of triumph and personal growth. Working together, I'll help facilitate growth and healing that you might not otherwise discover on your own.