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Dr. Sarah Leclerc

Clinical Psychologist

Serving clients in: New York

Address: Saratoga Springs 12866, New York United States
Phone: (844) 567-9644
Fax: (844) 567-9678
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  • I think all humans crave connection, and my dream is for individuals to find connection in various spaces where they can feel at home. My first goal is to assist you in feeling at home in the therapeutic space! Another goal is to assist you in connecting with, being in tune with, and practicing love for yourself. These practices can enhance our ability to connect effectively with others. And the best way that we can connect more with ourselves is to practice self-care -- really being present as we eat, as we move our bodies, as we write, as we sing, as we connect with nature, and as we breathe. So, there will be lots of discussions on self-love and self-care!