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Dr. Martine Jones

Clinical Psychologist

Serving clients in: Florida, Internationally, North Carolina

Address: Asheville, NC 28806
Email: drmartinepsyd@gmail.com
Phone: (919) 907-1392
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  • Hello and welcome! Check out my 3 minute video to learn a little bit about me.                                                                    

    I am a clinical psychologist, therapist, and life coach who supports people to achieve their highest level of well-being and dare I say, happiness. In life, we all struggle at times. Whether you are feeling uncomfortable in (or even hate) your body and constantly have food on your mind or you are going through a life, role, or identity transition - I can help. If you are struggling with the trauma of infertility and are navigating the ups and downs and hormonal changes associated with that process, I have specialized training to work with you. I also have specialized training in trauma resilience and recovery. I enjoy working with people of diverse backgrounds and identities (age, race, ethnicity, sexual and gender) and provide an open, affirming, non-judgmental presence. If you are currently studying abroad or living abroad, I provided services for expats in most countries outside the US. It can be challenging to deal with the adjustment of living in a new place and culture and even more difficult to find legitimate mental health services with English speaking providers in some countries, Please contact me if this is your challenge.

    In my sessions, I incorporate mindfulness-based practices and cognitive-behavioral therapy - CBT. Essentially, I help you access your mind's wisdom and your body's wisdom to find greater peace and contentment, to heal in the present, and to learn how to care for yourself in the future.

    If I sound like a good fit for you, please get in touch and I would love to meet with you for a free 15-20 minute initial phone consultation! I provide online counseling services via secure video (and in-person services if you live in North Carolina).