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Dinah Dziolek, LPC


Serving clients in: Texas

  • Hello! I am a US Air Force Spouse, Mother of 2, Mental Health, Military Family Advocate & Licensed Professional Counselor in TX. Most importantly I have lived the active duty military lifestyle for many years. I have experienced the pain of infertility as a military spouse and navigated fertility treatments in Military Training Facilities. I have lived through deployments and unaccompanied remote assignments as a young mom while managing home, kids, career and community service to fellow military spouses and families. I know the pain of being away from extended family for extended periods of time, frequent moves and all the adventures of service life! 


    I also know there is a way through the pain. It’s possible to embrace the adventures and enjoy the unique opportunities service life brings. I want to help you do just that! I love serving our nation's service families! As a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, I have many years of experience providing counseling and specialize in military families, couples and women with infertility.


    I know this life isn’t always easy, but I have the training and experience to help you overcome the parts that are giving you the greatest challenge. If you’re ready to work together to change your life, please contact me today.