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Laura Spinelli

Art Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor
Owner-Creative Alternatives, Online Counseling and Psychotherapy

Serving clients in: Connecticut, Florida, Internationally, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

Address: Connecticut, United States
Phone: 203 951-1184
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  • You want to be your best self but you’re feeling stuck. You deal with a persistent feeling of sadness like you’re moving through life in a heavy fog--perhaps you’re constantly on edge , overwhelmed by worry, anxiety and that unrelenting inner critic. Maybe you’re just feeling so numb and disconnected that you’re even having trouble identifying the problem. It’s exhausting. On the outside ( and on your social media ) everything looks perfect and you ‘should ‘ be happy. but you can no longer go on pretending. The truth is , you've gotten so good at faking it that you feel like an imposter in your own life story. You’ve been thinking about getting help but life is so damn busy. Maybe you've been hesitant because you work in a high profile industry and privacy is a real concern. Perhaps you’ve tried therapy before and it just didn’t ‘click’. But it’s time. It’s time to reclaim your best self. If you’re experiencing anxiety , depression , unresolved trauma, negative self-image, are going through a major life transition or seek to find meaning and purpose , we can help. At Creative Alternatives we help you to EXPRESS , identify and release that which no longer serves you. TRANSFORM past dramas and traumas into empowerment and resilience so that you can FLOURISH in life —authentically , fully , and unapologetically owning your inner BADASS.