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Crawford Counseling Services LLC

Delores Crawford, Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Serving clients in: Arizona

Address: 2182 McCulloch Blvd Suite 3 | Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403
Phone: (928) 600-5497
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    Welcome to my online profile. I am the visionary behind CRAWFORD COUNSELING SERVICES LLC with the goal of providing quality services to those that are faced with challenges in accessing mental emotional and or behavioral health services. I count it a privilege to serve each individual across the life span. My journey began 30 plus years ago battling some of the same struggles many seek services for today, such as teen age self esteem, rebellion, even the felt sense of losing connection or understanding your child anymore. At times life circumstances may have rendered you feeling lack of satisfaction in fiances, job, career, education, or relationships. Thoughts of your problems being insurmountable and the desire to escape life all together may have driven you to make choices that you later regret.. You may have become on edge,losing your temper more often, no longer in control of your feelings or fears seemingly coming from no where, others are noticing a big change in you and its causing relational concerns, or maybe you've never discovered who you desire to be and feel like life is leaving you behind and so on. We all have a narrative, but our narratives do not have to end where they began; Lets explore, discover and manifest the hidden gems or lack luster gems that are within by contacting me for a free 15 minute consult to determine if I'm a good fit for your therapeutic needs.