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Colleen Vernold, LCSW-R

Clinical Social Worker

Serving clients in: New York

Address: Rome, New York, 13440, United States
Phone: (315) 741-5586
Fax: (315) 741-5586
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  • You are the person that people often describe as intelligent, resourceful, humorous, well-liked, talented, and an individual that accomplishes what they set out to do. You are a goal setter and always strive to excel with whatever you take on. Some may even call you a perfectionist. For the life of you, you cannot seem to understand why, or how, you continue to feel stuck, overwhelmed, tense all the time, or perhaps, even sad or hopeless.

    When you look at the facts, you recognize you possess many of the positive qualities others seem to admire, and from afar, you appear to be someone that seemingly has it all! So why do you continue to struggle in your relationships, work, and personal interests? Why can’t you feel “enough?”

    To wake each day with the ability to say, “I am enough” and to actually believe it...THAT would be incredible! Being able to manage and alleviate feelings of anxiety, depression and/or self-doubt, would be a freedom you have not felt in quite a long time, let alone giving yourself the permission to be your authentic self! Just the thought of being able to breathe easier, smile more, manage your emotions and be more vulnerable in your relationships and life choices sounds like a dream come true.

    My role as your therapist will be to help you identify the contributing factors that continue to interfere with you becoming your best self and with you feeling “enough.” Together, we will work as a team to develop life strategies that work for YOU so you can better manage it all. I offer online therapy via a secure platform, where we can work together from wherever your needs are best met, be it at home, work, or while traveling within the state, allowing you to capitalize on your valuable time instead of using it to commute to an office.

    To know more about me, you can find my personal profile on Psychology Today.