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Carol Yoder, LMFT

Certified Gottman Therapist

Serving clients in: California

Address: San Luis Obispo 93405, California United States
Phone: (805) 365-6633
Fax: (805) 365-6636
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  • Carol believes that in relationships - small changes can make a big difference. Carol believes you know yourself better than any other person in the world and at times may realize the need for professional insights to grow in some challenging areas. Instead of repeating the same unsuccessful relationship patterns over and over, small changes may allow for valuable growth.

    In basketball metaphor terms: To get better at the skill of basketball free throw shooting - a knowledgeable coach in the science of basketball physics and mental rehearsal can assist by making small changes to increase the percentage of made free throws (swish).

    In relationship metaphor terms: To increase relationship satisfaction – a knowledgeable relationship therapist in marriage and family life can assist by highlighting small changes that may make meaningful differences in relationship satisfaction. Small changes in the areas of understanding yourself and your partner, fondness and admiration, turning towards each other, building a positive perspective, managing conflict, emotions exploration, empathy building, making your life dreams come true, creating shared meaning, and building trust may be some of the areas in relationships that can grow with slight adjustments. There are no guarantees of the outcomes, just the opportunity to explore and willingness to notice the outcomes of attempting small changes. Couples can explore their relationship together, or an individual can explore their personal life in the areas of their own relationship realities.

    For more information, you can also find me on Gottman Referral Network (GRN).