Barbara Reese - Counselor inTexas and New Mexico - iTherapy Provider

Dr. Barbara Reese

Licensed Counselor and Supervisor

Serving clients in: New Mexico, Texas

  • Counseling for Professional Helpers: Working with professional helpers brings together the two areas I have a great passion for and expertise in; counseling and supervision.  I bring what I have learned over the years in  both areas to be of assistance to professional helpers.  My experience provides a strong understanding of the duality of professional and personal experiences and how each area interacts in unique and specific ways. As professional helpers, we know the power of helping, and we also understand that this can sometimes identify challenges or areas for growth. I want to help you through these challenges and experience your desired growth.   

    Individual Counseling:  If you find yourself struggling from the stressors that everyday life brings, such as changes in relationships, work transitions, and life stressors.  I am here to work with you to find your unique way of getting through those challenges, just as I have done with clients over the years. 

    Clinical Supervision: Over the past decade, I have focused on group supervision.  I use two models for supervision, a developmental model and a humanistic model.   These two models of supervision allow us to work together collaboratively to evaluate and inform the direction of our supervision sessions and your growth.  I have over the years provided both individual and group supervision through face-to-face or in an online format. 

    Coaching/Consultation for Counseling Professionals: There is power in being able to grow and learn from others within the field. The ultimate goal is to continue the momentum you have already experienced in your previous work in an environment that is supportive and collaborative.