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Angelique Lange, LMSW


Serving clients in: Florida, Internationally, Michigan

Address: Beulah, Michigan, 49617, United States
Phone: (231) 882-4821
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  • In my graduate classes, most students indicated the primary reason they wanted to become therapists was to help others. I wanted to become a therapist in order to help myself become as emotionally healthy as possible. I rightly assumed working on myself would lead to a deeper understanding of the underlying issues that keep many of us stuck. After gaining the understanding on a personal level of how change could significantly improve the quality of our lives, my motivation to help others then became the focus of my continued professional growth and therapy practice over these many years.

    During my career I've had the honor of guiding many, many clients toward the path of healthy functioning. After years of success in helping others reach their goals, the highlights of my career has been witnessing their transformation.

    You can also find me on Psychology Today.