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Serving clients in: Connecticut, New York

Address: 4465 E. Genesee Street, #146 DeWitt 13214, New York United States
Phone: (315) 333-7773
Fax: (315) 333-7774
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  • You're feeling like you're not enough; you don't make enough, you don't do enough. You're feeling lost in an overwhelming world. You are surrounded by expectations of what your relationship should be, how fulfilling your career should be, how quickly you should have a family, and how to parent said children. You are seeking some clarity, some solstice, some calm. You are looking for reassurance that you are enough, you are doing enough.

    You're seeking to be HAPPY. What a huge word! What does it even mean to be happy? Together, we will work to find your happy. We will work to find your peace, and square up your own moral compass, not the compasses of everyone around you. You want to feel like enough. You want to be fulfilled by the life you've worked so hard to build. Let's find that HAPPY.

    We truly make therapy convenient for your busy life. We offer 100% online therapy through a secure system, and take out the barriers of transportation, childcare, travel, and protecting your privacy. In addition, we offer 24/7 online scheduling to schedule and reschedule your appointments. Check out my website, Convenient Counseling Services, and schedule your free consultation today.

    To know more about me, you can find my personal profile on Instagram.