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Original Post July 9, 2019 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling & Consultation LLC Facebook Jan Kwiatkowski is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) practicing in the State of WI and has a passion for working with women ... Read More


Help for the Helpers The struggling caregiver. The depressed new mom. The overwhelmed minister. The burned out physician. Helpers can give, give, give, but then realize that they need help too! I work with the "helpers" - those of us who have a calling to give back, but often need reminding that our ... Read More


Welcome To My First Video/Vlog! The purpose of this video is for you, the client, to get to know me a little better. This video is also aimed for you to see how your experience would be in session, to discuss some of my viewpoints of therapy, and also to discuss ... Read More



Am I suffering from PPD?

September 18, 2018
“How can I be feeling sad?! I just had a beautiful, healthy baby?” Having a baby is a life changing event. Many women do not consider feeling anything but sheer joy when they bring their baby home. The truth is, women and men can be overwhelmed with anxiety ... Read More


These bean jars have been so helpful in understanding thoughts and emotions. I challenge you to use them yourself. Make a jar full of beans representing all colors of beans. And remember, there aren’t simply three kinds of thoughts (positive, negative, and neutral)… I have just simplified them into those ... Read More


What It Feels Like to Be Depressed What is the worst thing about being depressed? You feel Broken, Hopeless, and Alone. Even if you have people in your life who would support you, you feel like you can’t open up to them. They ... Read More


DID YOU EAT YOUR BREAKFAST THIS MORNING? Good Science & Good Practice Medical Minute Update on Depression: Depressive symptoms and breakfast intake. Recently published (April, 2017) scientific study finds a strong relationship between frequency of eating breakfast and symptoms of depression. Lack of ... Read More


  Good Science: The Latest Research on Depression. Depression is the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. Depression does not discriminate. It affects all ages, all walks of life, in all countries. According to the latest estimates published (April, 2017) from the ... Read More


Here is a list of symptoms/signs: If you have one or more, then you may be depressed. These symptoms/signs are the alert signals as an immediate “call to action” to seek treatment from a qualified mental health practitioner. Do you ... Read More


Does my insurance cover this?   Whether I meet a client online or in my office, this is one of the first questions clients ask me, usually after "are you licensed?" The answer is the same, and that is “I am not sure, but I know ... Read More