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19 Questions for 2019

January 1, 2019
New Year Reflections: 19 Questions for 2019 As a therapist, what I love most about the New Year Holiday is that it seems to be the one time of year that people are collectively self-reflective. While media outlets offer coverage of the ... Read More



WOOP! Your Life

May 24, 2018
Visit: WoopMyLife WOOP! This is such an awesome concept! I have used it with a lot of clients and I use it myself every day since I learned it, and I will constantly talk about it in blogs. I’m hopefully going to break it down into something simple for ... Read More


These bean jars have been so helpful in understanding thoughts and emotions. I challenge you to use them yourself. Make a jar full of beans representing all colors of beans. And remember, there aren’t simply three kinds of thoughts (positive, negative, and neutral)… I have just simplified them into those ... Read More


It’s the holiday season, and I am reminded of a lesson I learned long ago; that is, depression does not discriminate! And if you are reading this article you may have discovered this as well. In my own personal battle, I found ... Read More


It’s that time of year where every other blog post is about gratitude. ‘Tis the season, right? According to David Steindl-Rast, a Catholic Benedictine monk, author and scholar, who has inspired generations with his inspirational message about finding gratitude in every moment ... Read More


‘Tis The Season To Be…Stressed! 5 Tips for Coping with Holiday Stress If buying the perfect gift that’s likely out of your budget, baking an exquisite dessert that can could compete with those made by Martha Stewart, attending drunk Uncle’s holiday party, decorating your ... Read More


The Messy Truth I don’t think we use it causally in my line of work– it’s also something I’ve had a tendency to minimize time and time again in my life. Trauma can occur ... Read More


Neuroscientists discover neuronal link between generosity and happiness There have been reports that people who are generous in giving time (e.g. volunteering) or giving money to others or any random acts of loving kindness or other forms of generosity report greater happiness. Until recently, ... Read More




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