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It’s the holiday season, and I am reminded of a lesson I learned long ago; that is, depression does not discriminate! And if you are reading this article you may have discovered this as well. In my own personal battle, I found ... Read More


The Messy Truth I don’t think we use it causally in my line of work– it’s also something I’ve had a tendency to minimize time and time again in my life. Trauma can occur ... Read More


Since I can remember, I have always yearned to be a counselor. My lifelong dream is to help people and lead them to Christ. My ministry and purpose in life is to empower and encourage others through showing them ... Read More


  Are you struggling to find a balance between protecting your parents while not infringing on their need for an independent life?  If so, you are not alone. Countless adults become caregivers or guardians for their aging parents, often finding it necessary to ... Read More


Does my insurance cover this?   Whether I meet a client online or in my office, this is one of the first questions clients ask me, usually after "are you licensed?" The answer is the same, and that is “I am not sure, but I know ... Read More


 Licensed Psychological Associate - Daughter, Wife, Sister Have you ever thought about how your life would change if you decided to care for your dad through the final stages of his life at home. My father ... Read More


Managing Partner iTherapy   Twenty- Nine Percent of the U.S. adult population  are providing care to someone. I have had the opportunity and the gift to be a caregiver, twice in my life, for both my mother and father.  My father was diagnosed with cancer and we cared for him ... Read More