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Tensions are rising in families, workplaces, and the community. Unrelenting stress, anxiety, grief, and trauma can exhaust or overwhelm the best of coping skills. Finding your feet is a practical grounding tool anyone can use to support healthy responses in our relationships.     Original Post July 29, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski ... Read More


Relationships with family, colleagues, friends, and community members matter. Trying to make certain decisions in an uncertain time, can cause a lot of heartache, stress, and discord. Jan offers some tips for responding to the people around you, as your best self.     Original Post July 22, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski ... Read More


If you are like at least 50% of Americans right now you might be having trouble concentrating, sleeping or making decisions. Our brains are tired from trying to resolve all the uncertainty. Learn the difference between fear and anxiety. Short and long term management of both is key to the ... Read More


Doing almost anything outdoors feels better. Did you know that there are additional health and stress management boosts to being outdoors? Curious? This is for you.     Original Post July 7, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling on YouTube Jan Kwiatkowski is a ... Read More



Internal PPE

June 25, 2020
Knowing how and when to use our internal PPE makes healing possible.     Original Post June 24, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling on YouTube Jan Kwiatkowski is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) practicing in the State of WI and has ... Read More


Be present! This quick and easy technique calming technique is useful for anyone of any age as a fun way to help yourself, your kids or students refocus, coming back to baseline. It can be used anywhere, any time and takes 1 minute. Original Post December 16, 2019 on Jan Kwiatkowski ... Read More


You are not alone... The Holiday season can be a very stressful time for many. Many people struggle in isolation with not feeling the expected holiday emotions. Jan discussed some tips for navigating the holidays while being true to your personal experience. Original Post November 19, 2019 on Jan Kwiatkowski at ... Read More



How I came to love DBT

September 3, 2019
When I was a graduate student intern in an intensive outpatient program for adults with significant mental health challenges, I was assigned to teach Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) skills to an evening therapy group. I found the teaching manual baffling and the worksheets and handouts complicated. With the ... Read More


Help for the Helpers The struggling caregiver. The depressed new mom. The overwhelmed minister. The burned out physician. Helpers can give, give, give, but then realize that they need help too! I work with the "helpers" - those of us who have a calling to give back, but often need reminding that our ... Read More


Invalidation is denying or ignoring a person’s emotional experience and communicating that their thoughts or feelings are not valid or wrong. Invalidation hurts the most when you feel like people are not listening to you, misunderstanding or minimizing what you are saying, or you feel that you are being ignored. Invalidation ... Read More