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Weekly Wellness Message Thriving Thoughts Terminate Toxic Thoughts: Let's get S.M.A.R.T and Set Goals The concept of setting personal goals can be a very useful tool to organize your thoughts, pause for a plan and take a breath when you get through the first step of identifying why you want/need to set ... Read More


Whether for an invitation to a holiday gathering or a request on personal, time, or caregiving resources, saying "no" often is hard. Jan offers some thoughts on saying "no" as self-care, as well as, polite, but firm ways to simply say "no" and stick to it.     Original Post October 21, 2020 ... Read More


So many individuals and families feel like they are in survival mode and "just making it work." You are actually doing more than you may realize. Self-care is acknowledging that.   Original Post September 16, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling on YouTube... Read More


Relationships with family, colleagues, friends, and community members matter. Trying to make certain decisions in an uncertain time, can cause a lot of heartache, stress, and discord. Jan offers some tips for responding to the people around you, as your best self.     Original Post July 22, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski ... Read More


Adding to the already existing chaos in the world, COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus has complicated the lives of many individuals worldwide in a short period of time. From your neighborhood grocery stores to your favorite hair salon, we all have ... Read More


With fall comes many pleasurable events to look forward to. Stay present with positivity as you observe the beauty of change develop around you. Allante' Burnell is a Psychologist that uses tool-based treatments to help clients understand the symptoms ... Read More
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Welcome To My First Video/Vlog! The purpose of this video is for you, the client, to get to know me a little better. This video is also aimed for you to see how your experience would be in session, to discuss some of my viewpoints of therapy, and also to discuss ... Read More



WOOP! Your Life

May 24, 2018
Visit: WoopMyLife WOOP! This is such an awesome concept! I have used it with a lot of clients and I use it myself every day since I learned it, and I will constantly talk about it in blogs. I’m hopefully going to break it down into something simple for ... Read More


Have you ever come home from a frustrating day and all you want to do is just vent? Me too. The problem with this is that the people we vent to may also have had a frustrating day. Combine those two energies together, and ... Read More


These bean jars have been so helpful in understanding thoughts and emotions. I challenge you to use them yourself. Make a jar full of beans representing all colors of beans. And remember, there aren’t simply three kinds of thoughts (positive, negative, and neutral)… I have just simplified them into those ... Read More

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