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Stuck on Stress

October 27, 2020
Human beings have a finite amount of bandwidth when it comes to managing stress. Many people feel "stuck" on stress. Jan reminds us of ways to process stress even while the source of the stress remains.     Original Post October 26, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling ... Read More



You Loved and Cared–Grief

September 25, 2020
It's probably safe to say that just about everyone is experiencing some kind of grief. Sometimes, we have to "set aside" that grief to care for others. It's important that we intentionally "get back" to our grief to heal and be well.   Original Post September 21, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski ... Read More


Feeling down, tired, irritable, impatient, eating a little more or less, and some sleep difficulties are a normal reaction to the abnormal situation in our country. There are ways to manage an ongoing low-level depression (dysthymia) so it doesn't become something harder to manage or treat. Please share with anyone ... Read More


Each one of us has unique coping styles and methods. In a time of crisis, we default to these preferred styles. In a time of National Shock Trauma, our coping styles and methods may be exaggerated. Learn more about how to manage and use your coping skills during this unique ... Read More


Adding to the already existing chaos in the world, COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus has complicated the lives of many individuals worldwide in a short period of time. From your neighborhood grocery stores to your favorite hair salon, we all have ... Read More


With fall comes many pleasurable events to look forward to. Stay present with positivity as you observe the beauty of change develop around you. Allante' Burnell is a Psychologist that uses tool-based treatments to help clients understand the symptoms ... Read More


Help for the Helpers The struggling caregiver. The depressed new mom. The overwhelmed minister. The burned out physician. Helpers can give, give, give, but then realize that they need help too! I work with the "helpers" - those of us who have a calling to give back, but often need reminding that our ... Read More


Welcome To CAST WELLNESS ONLINE!The purpose of this video is for a quick introduction to CAST WELLNESS ONLINE and welcoming online therapy into your life.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us directly. Original Post April 02, 2019 ... Read More


Individuals who suffer from Insomnia tend to hold myths about sleep which may be maintaining sleep problems. For instance, many people believe they need 10 hours of sleep a night or that they need to go to bed at a certain time. These myths can cause harm as you will ... Read More
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Welcome To My First Video/Vlog! The purpose of this video is for you, the client, to get to know me a little better. This video is also aimed for you to see how your experience would be in session, to discuss some of my viewpoints of therapy, and also to discuss ... Read More

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