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Jan shares whats she's learned about moving through major national traumas. Individually and collectively, human beings move through a major crisis in well-studied and broadly predictable stages. While it doesn't necessarily make it any easier to get through the longterm day-to-day of our lives, it can help to know that ... Read More


Feeling down, tired, irritable, impatient, eating a little more or less, and some sleep difficulties are a normal reaction to the abnormal situation in our country. There are ways to manage an ongoing low-level depression (dysthymia) so it doesn't become something harder to manage or treat. Please share with anyone ... Read More


Doing almost anything outdoors feels better. Did you know that there are additional health and stress management boosts to being outdoors? Curious? This is for you.     Original Post July 7, 2020 on Jan Kwiatkowski at JDK Counseling on YouTube Jan Kwiatkowski is a ... Read More


Adding to the already existing chaos in the world, COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus has complicated the lives of many individuals worldwide in a short period of time. From your neighborhood grocery stores to your favorite hair salon, we all have ... Read More


Like many others, I used to think Yoga was for affluent White females with slender bodies and stretchy pants, who enjoyed bending themselves into pretzels. I didn't understand the point, didn't think it was for my body shape, and I felt a bit uncomfortable with the spiritual aspect of Yoga. ... Read More



Water and Wellbeing

June 20, 2019
The most important learning I took from a class on nutritional interventions for mental health and wellness is that WATER IS FUNDAMENTAL to our mental health and wellness. We all know that we should keep hydrated. Sounds easy, but for so many of us, it’s hard to do. Water can ... Read More


Help for the Helpers The struggling caregiver. The depressed new mom. The overwhelmed minister. The burned out physician. Helpers can give, give, give, but then realize that they need help too! I work with the "helpers" - those of us who have a calling to give back, but often need reminding that our ... Read More


Individuals who suffer from Insomnia tend to hold myths about sleep which may be maintaining sleep problems. For instance, many people believe they need 10 hours of sleep a night or that they need to go to bed at a certain time. These myths can cause harm as you will ... Read More


You can’t get a personal record every day. No matter how hard you try, you just aren’t going to be able to get your best results every time you lift. The same is true with the rest of our lives. You aren’t going to get full credit on every single ... Read More



WOOP! Your Life

May 24, 2018
Visit: WoopMyLife WOOP! This is such an awesome concept! I have used it with a lot of clients and I use it myself every day since I learned it, and I will constantly talk about it in blogs. I’m hopefully going to break it down into something simple for ... Read More