How post-apocalyptic fiction taught me to stop worrying and love zombies.    Circa 2005 or thereabouts, I attended a talk by David Sedaris at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, NJ.  In the middle of his reading, he went off on a tangent (major spoiler ... Read More


On September 11, 2001, I was a 21-year-old, newly minted college graduate, who had managed to parlay my BA in psychology into my first real job. I was in my office at Rutgers University when reports first came in that a plane ... Read More


It is a truth universally acknowledged that, since the days of Austen and Bronte, there have been various tropes – overused themes, weaving their way through our favorite works of cinema and literature. The Fifty Shades trilogy is no exception.   With ... Read More


During college, I lived in a house with six other women.  Yes, you heard that correctly, there were seven of us.  In fact, the house ... Read More


One of the more humorous stories to come out of my childhood involves a phone conversation I was having with my friend *Barb.  Sometime during the conversation, her father yelled from downstairs, “Barb, you wanna come clean the maggots out of the ... Read More


Back in the 1990s, I was an unabashed Gilmore Girls fan. I grew up together with Rory, Paris, and Lane, cheering their triumphs and lamenting their missteps. ... Read More


When I was seven, I used to shower with the curtain half open so that I could keep one eye on the toilet.  It became a ritual ... Read More


For the past few months, my husband and I have been looking to purchase a home. As any of you who’ve been there before knows, the home buying process is ... Read More


About two years ago, my husband surprised me with a Keurig for Valentine’s Day. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift; I’d been mentioning how I wanted one for my office, and there it was, a brand new, professional grade Keurig. The problem was, I thought we had agreed not to ... Read More


It’s the moment that every parent dreads, and one that every parent can relate to; the public meltdown.  Your cute, typically agreeable child now seems to be nothing but flailing arms and legs, and a giant mouth screaming words that become less intelligible with every passing second. ... Read More


It’s 12:01am, January 1st, 2016.  Like most of us, you’ve probably decided that you’re going to do something differently in the New Year.  You reflect upon it, smile, and perhaps for the next few days, demonstrate your resolve ... Read More


30 days ago, I decided that I was going to complete 30 Bikram Yoga classes in 30 days.  I attended my final class today, and am feeling pretty proud of this accomplishment.  Full disclaimer: this is not going to be ... Read More


Between now and the end of January, there will be at least 50 holidays celebrated around the world. If you’re looking forward to this three month period of cultural, religious, spiritual, and secular holidays, your head is probably awash in the glow of the expectation of family, food, friends, and ... Read More


About three years ago, I made the decision to delete all of my social media accounts.  I decided that I valued my privacy more than immediate connection, and found Facebook in particular to be a massive energy vampire.  Fast forward to present day, as the proprietor of a therapy practice ... Read More


Like many of you, I first read the news about the terror attacks in Nice, France while scrolling through my social media feed.  The reactions of my family, friends, clients, and colleagues range from emotionally numb to intensely fearful.  It certainly begs ... Read More


Chances are, by the time you've made the decision to seek therapy, you're already feeling overwhelmed.  You've finally taken a huge step in the direction towards making positive changes in your life, and then this happens; a google search on therapists ... Read More


It's 2:00am, and you roll over to glance at your phone.  Your exhaustion slowed math skills tell you that if you fall asleep right now, you'll get four hours before the alarm goes off. That's enough right?  You've functioned on four ... Read More


In 2015, Anna Garvey coined the term, "The Oregon Trail Generation," to describe those of us who were born too late to align neatly with Generation X, and too early to come of age with the digitally native millennials.  In other words, tech ... Read More

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