5 Tips for Successful Online Therapy

5 Tips for Successful Online Therapy

We have some tips for making your #onlineTherapy sessions a success!  If you’d like to learn about iTherapy or schedule a demo, check out Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Mental Health Private Practice. To see a bunch of our glowing reviews, head over to the Reviews page.
Establish Eye Contact - In a video caht session, looking into your web camera (not elsewhere on your computer screen) gives your client an image of making eye contact

#1 – Establish Eye Contact.

We all know how important eye contact is in communication. Establishing eye contact via video therapy is as easy as looking near your camera. So here’s our advice – place the video of your client near your camera and then you’ll be able to maintain eye contact while you’re looking at them!


2 Limit Distractions - If at all possible, work from a designated work space, even if it is just a portion of a room in your home. Put your cell phone in airplane mode (or at least quite mode). Keep a tidy area to limit distractons

#2 – Limit Distractions.

Whether you’re at home or in your office, make sure you’re in a calm, comfortable space while you’re providing therapy. Also, think about what’s behind you that your clients will see – try to make sure it’s simple and not distracting. Lastly, consider putting your phone on airplane mode while you’re in session.
In short, do everything you can to be as present as you would be if you were meeting the client in an office.


Practice! You already know that practice makes perfect, and this is no exception. Do a 'dry run' of your entire process with a friend or family member

#3 – Practice!

Before you ever see a client, you should practice with friends, family even colleagues. While practicing, take your guinea pigs – I mean helpful volunteers – through the entire process from setting up an appointment through the end of your session. That way when it’s time for the real thing, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing.


Have a Backup Plan - Technical difficulties can (and will) happen! Make sure your wifi signal is strong, use wired ethernet if possible, and plan an alternate means of communication with your client. For example, I'll call your cell if we lose connection

#4 – Have a back up plan

WiFi goes out. Computers crash. The best laid plans of mice and men…
What do you do when your plan A for connecting with your client doesn’t work? Go to Plan B!
If you’re established a Plan B with your client early on, they’ll know what to expect. We find the easiest solution is a phone call – often this is perfectly adequate for finishing your session!


Leverage Unique Opportunities - Working online provides unique opportunites and advantages, like Secure Video's whiteboard feature for visually diagramming complex ideas, or working from yor phone while away from your office. Embrace technology!

#5 – Leverage unique opportunities

Online therapy lets you have a session during your busy client’s lunch break from their parked car if it’s all the time they have.
It lets you go with their client as they get themselves prepared the day before a major event.
It even allows you to use a virtual whiteboard to diagram recurring patterns for you pattern.
There’s tons of opportunities with online therapy – don’t be afraid to think outside the box! 

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