3 reasons you should start online therapy as a side hustle in 2020

3 reasons you should start online therapy as a side hustle in 2020

Have you ever wished for a simple and easy way to help more people through therapy?

Are you looking for a simple and easy way to get the ball rolling as a newly licensed clinician?

Do you need an additional stream of income that doesn’t require you to learn a whole new craft?

That’s what starting online therapy as a side hustle has been to countless therapists before you.

Here are three reasons we recommend starting online therapy as a side hustle if you’re looking for a simple way to expand your reach, get your feet wet, and find new clients:

If you’re worried about the ethical side of online therapy check out this post!


You know how kids often start out wearing life vests in the water? It’s so they (and their parents) don’t have to worry about drowning. They can enjoy the water without having to fully commit wondering if they’re gonna go under because they’re not a strong enough swimmer yet.

Whether you’ve had an in-person practice for some time and are wanting the flexibility that online therapy offers or you’re ready to start signing your own clients, starting online therapy as a side hustle is like a life vest. It allows you to have a gradual transition into providing therapy without having to jump in with two feet and wondering if you’ll survive.

Starting online therapy as a side hustle buys you time to grow slowly. 

Having a brick-and-mortar practice is extremely expensive. Online therapy bridges this gap buying you time to grow slowly. You can work your day job and sign a few clients until you feel confident about the online thing and are sure you have what it takes to replace your full time income. 


Have you ever had to decide between taking a trip to Mexico or England? 

Your pro and con lists might go a little bit like this:

Pro List for Mexico: Stay in super fancy resorts, take all the excursions, have a couple hundred bucks left in the bank when I get home.

Pro list for England: Afternoon tea every day, visit Scotland, bragging rights, take selfies with Uncle Ben.

Con list for Mexico: Could be “sketch” in some places.

Con list for England: Have no money left in the bank when I get home.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to Mexico – all those fancy extras and not having to worry about money!! BRING IT.

Having an online practice is like taking the trip to Mexico because your overhead is SO much less. A smaller overhead means you don’t have to make as much money to stay viable each month and if you do make a LOT of money, you get to keep it, instead of keeping up with all your brick-and-mortar costs.

An online therapy practice allows you to have a REAL practice just like you had a REAL vacation to Mexico – it just doesn’t break the bank. 

If you are ready to take the leap into online therapy, we’d love to help! Our providers have called us “the one-stop shop for all online therapy practice needs”. Schedule a call here to get your practice up and going!


Have you ever thrown a party and told your friends (the ones you originally invited) that they could bring their friends?

All of the sudden you had like a mega party, right?!

Online therapy is similar to that in the way it extends your reach to help others. 

When your friends brought their friends they brought some people who weren’t in your network. When you provide therapy online you’re able to help people who aren’t in your usual network; people who might not feel comfortable in an office setting, are not willing to make the trek to an office, or just don’t have the flexibility of time/schedule to show up to a specific place. 

Wola! Helping people through online therapy just extended your reach.

Whether you have an in-person practice, are just starting out as a therapist, or are a seasoned and established therapist, every once in a while it’s hard to find clients. Offering online therapy as a side hustle has the potential to significantly increase your ability to help people and make more money without working harder.

If you have any questions or are just looking to the final piece – a compliant way to run your practice online – reach out. You can respond in the comments or schedule time to talk with one of our experts HERE.

May 6, 2020 / iTherapy Blog

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